Warning: Blog contains Vagina Sofa

Well, Friday happened.

I'm friends with a pretty awesome group of ladies who also happen to provide child care. We get the opportunity to share insight, craft suggestions and work through daily issues together.  We support each other through the stresses of staying at home with multiple little ones without the benefit of co-workers to spend time with. We also get to laugh together.

Specifically at this photo:  This cannot be unseen...

Yes. That is a vagina sofa. Who in their right mind would order this? Here's how I see the conversation with the floor employee going:

Me: Umm... Hi. I am interested in ordering that vagina sofa over there.

Sales Guy: Sure! We carry it in beige or pearl pink.

Me: Oh that's a toughy.... I'll take the pearl pink. The vagina's really pop on that one.

Sales Guy: Excellent news! We have that in stock.

Me: Great. It appears to be a sextional sofa, does it come with matching love seats?

And then you have to think about when you get this thing home. When friends come over you'll have to say things like "Come on in and have a seat on my new plush vagina". Or when you're watching a movie you'll warn: "Please don't spill popcorn all over my vagina' and heaven forbid the kids attempt to sit next to each other: "Hey! MOM! Little Johnny won't stay on his side of the vagina."

It scares me that this would even fit into someone's living room decor.

Not that I'm judging....


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