Warping Our Reality

  In the class I have been taking we have been examining what people go through to make sure that their appearance is acceptable to society around them.  More women than not in the US are wearing full make-up everyday and considering dangerous procedures to preserve their beauty.  Even our popular culture's beautiful people are being photoshopped.  We are supposed to look up to these people for being beautiful, but unfortunately their beauty isn't even skin deep; it's inattainable. 

  Even Cover Girl is guily of lightening the skins of Beyonce and Queen Latifah.  I thought their whole driving cause was for women to embrace their ethnicity and natural beauty.  Severely disappointing there. 

  As we bring up our girls we need to be aware of the images they absorb, and attemot to broaden their perception of beauty, because what's in front of them is impossible to acheive and sustain.  Some people look perfect for a moment, but those people that try to look perfect for  a lifetime tend to end up looking like washed up train wrecks. 

  Need convincing?  Look at this, one of the beautiful people:



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