Warrior Dash 2012 - Mountain City, Georgia

I am currently recovering from one of the best weekends ever. Before I show you our muddy gloriousness, I must recommend that if you've ever considered doing a Warrior Dash, you must. It is so much fun.

We began the weekend at Tallulah State Park which quickly became a bust. I admit, my friends and I can get rowdy. Especially when there is a large group of us. Even more especially when we are anticipating such an event. The last straw for us was when the state troopers informed us that we were no longer allowed to laugh. For us, you might as well have told us to quit breathing. We went to huddle house that morning to brainstorm how to get the heck out of the no laugh zone. After calling around to a few places that were already full of dashers, our waitress (who seriously deserves a hi five from all eight of us) told us about a spot further in the mountains. We went to check it out and, low and behold, there was a beautiful spot next to a babbling river complete with clusters of small, purple butterflies waiting to greet us. Not to mention the sweetest, kindest, friendliest locals willing to help us with anything we needed. They even chopped us some firewood free of charge.


Nichols Campground near Clayton, GA.

We rushed back to the other site and had our things packed in, I promise you, no more than fifteen minutes. The group split up - some to set up at the new site, and some to get supplies at Wal-Mart. When my group got back from Wal-Mart, our new campsite was up and ready to go. At this point I was exhausted. I cracked open a beer and plopped into a camp chair facing the winding river.


See that Bama chair? That would be me! 


The girls were very excited about our new site! Kelly, 
Me, Amber, and Mindy. 
Kelly made a friend, his name is Frederick. 
The next day was Warrior Dash. We decided to dress up as a cheesy dodgeball team. The girls made "jerseys" earlier in the week for everyone in our group. We hadn't seen everyone in their uniforms together until that morning. It was AWESOME. Cheesiest of cheese. I have some of the coolest friends, ever.
Everyone in their dodgeball uniforms. From the left: Tango (Me), Cajun, Ambre, Mayfield, Bui, Slim, Coach, and.... Poot.... Hahaha! (She was peer pressured into that one.)
The boys doing a manly pose with the owner of the campsite. She was so sweet.
After taking our before pictures, we all loaded into the back of Nick's truck and took off through the mountains for the dash. Before you actually get to the event you have to meet somewhere and shuttle over because there are so many people. We rode in a big yellow school bus to the site. When they first dropped us off it was hard to tell how this thing was going to be set up because we had to walk a good bit to get there. At first it didn't even seem like a mud run. Then I started spotting people covered head to toe in mud. This induced giddyness and mild flailing. We walked up the mountain a little further and sure enough we began to hear music echoing in the distance. Out of nowhere a valley appears between two mountains that is covered in people dressed like complete and utter fools. Full fledged flailing and giddyness ensued. 
We had arrived!
Riding to the dash. I was obviously miserable.
As we walked in we saw people in every type of costume imaginable. Two men were dressed in suits, sunglasses, and briefcases. There was a rather large man wearing a pink bra and women's underwear over his shorts. I believe he was also rocking a uni-brow and a mullet which, in my opinion, made the outfit. There were ninja turtles, eighties rock stars, blue men, orange men, and everything in between. Some of them were already covered in mud, while others, like us, were waiting for their race time. We all registered and waited around for our 1:30 race. 
(I wish I had pictures of all the crazies, but at this point I had no camera.)
It was announced that our race was in twenty minutes. We got in a huddle and decided to do really bad and embarrassing stretches in a circle... because that's what dodgeball players are supposed to do, right? When we were finished, we put our hands together, counted to three, and chanted "TIGHT PERIMETER" (not sure why, other than our friend Brandon is a nerd). We got in line, danced to the music, bounced a lot, fire shot into the air, and it was time to run. 
We started off slow. In fact, the only people behind us were a couple of girls that already looked exhausted. We figured, however, that we'd let the crazies go ahead of us so we didn't get knocked off of any obstacles. 
Safety first is always the best way to go. 
Eventually we got to the first obstacle, and this is where it got awesome. 
Here's a breakdown of this particular Warrior Dash: 
1. Simple jog.
2. Wade through neck deep water.
3.  Crawl through mud under barbed wire. 
4. Crawl through some crazy net thing. 
5. Jog some more.
6. Scale a wall with a rope.
7. Hurdles you have to jump over then slide under.
8. Jog some more.
(Things started getting a little blurry around here so I might jumble some things up.)
9. Climb up a rope wall, then climb down a rope wall.
10. Dive into a lake, crawl onto a floating contraption, go across floating contraption, dive back off and swim to the other side. 
11. Run some more.
12. Climb up another wall with pegs, then slide down a pole.
13. Run some more.
14. Climb across a horizontal rope wall. 
15. Run some more.
16. Slide down the biggest slip n slide ever.
17. Run some more.
18. Jump over junk cars.
19. Run some more.
20. Leap over fire. (Big fire, if you ask me)
21.Submerge yourself and swim through the nastiest mud ever underneath more barbed wire. (This is where you get completely coated.)
22. Run to the finish line.
And this is the result after the race...
 We had so much fun, despite our scrapes and bruises, that we are already hoping to go to another one in the Fall. In fact, I want to scope out different races and do them as often as possible. They are an absolute blast, you get a work out, you get to camp out, you make memories - what is there not to love!?

We spent the rest of the weekend eating s'mores, enjoying the scenery, making friends with woodland creatures, and just having fun.

Good times, man. Good times.



This post was originally written on my blog, Wife (Widow) of a Wounded Marine


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