Taking Away Mom's Keys: How Old Is Too Old to Drive?

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We both looked at the invisible map on the counter.

Then Clipboard Lady just shook her head. "I'm sorry."

My mother folded her own hands. "You wait until you're 93. You just wait."

Ms. Clipboard "evolutioned" as my seven-year-old would say, back into an ice monster that he could "bust open" with a hammer. She handed my mother a copy of her failed report. At the bottom was scrawled the word "hazardous."

She slid another form across the table for my mother to sign -- for her to surrender her license.

And as my mother slid her license across the counter, I regretted this. I regretted it so deeply, I could taste the remorse, my mouth filling with saliva and my eyes welling. I regretted what I'd hoped to avoid, having it be her daughter to take away the keys.

But taking away car keys I realized was far less devastating than having someone take away your license -- I hadn't foreseen the clipboard lady actually asking my mother to surrender that little card she'd been carrying around her entire adult life.That identity. And dignity.

If only she could just find those damn keys that she was always misplacing anyway....


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