This Was Not Made With the Heart of an Orphan

Oh my god. That thing is so cute my brain just melted into a puddle of baby bunnies.
This is Hoo-Ratio. He got that name because he's an owl and he likes math. And also cause I'm a giant nerd.
You may recall from this post that I've been itching to try my hand at amigurumi, which is Japanese for "crochet that turns vital organs into fuzzy baby animals." No, I did not just make that up. Also, Hoo-Ratio has the heart of a stray orphan sewn into his cute little belly. So he's cute, but also probably evil. I didn't make that up either. Also, today I might be full of nonsense.
He was surprisingly easy to make. I started off using this pattern, but really I only paid attention for the first 2 stitches and then my ADD kicked in and I just hooked and hooked and hooked while watching Indiana Jones bitch about snakes until I decided I was done.
Then I stuffed him full of something soft (can't remember what. oh wait yes, orphan heart) and sewed the top shut, making a few extra, tighter stitches where I wanted his ears. Then I cut out circles of felt and sewed them on, then used french knots to make his pupils, then sewed his beak. Oh and I gave him some little pink felt wings, too. Because he wanted to fly and is comfortable with his masculinity.
He was really easy to make. All in all he took maybe an hour. And I didn't know what I was doing; I imagine some of you could whip him up much quicker.
Since I made him last week when I was staying at the cabin on vacation, I decided to leave him behind for whatever small adult wanted to take him. I was a little sad leaving him, but he'll hopefully brighten someone's day unexpectedly; if only for a few minutes. I wrote my email on the card, so hopefully I'll hear from his new family!

I swear we really did hear bigfoot. There's some weird shit in those mountains.

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