Washing Dirty Laundry

I watch people fall in love, in and out of love
And I remember how it used to feel, but I feel nothing
When you feel whole, and when you don´t
You put so much effort to stay in love, but it takes two
The relation becomes a hard routine - to break
Dull thing that once was too precious but now we can´t keep
You know all my secrets, all my faults aren´t cute anymore
Silence takes over our long hours of conversations
The list goes on as we drown in memories of the past – now it´s gone
If I buy you roses you will notice their thorns
Remember how feisty I used to be, see how submissive I am
We lose half of who are when we enter in relationship like that
Afraid to look forward, the uncertain future is a thrill, instead you miss
Armed with courage you expose your heart to the next one
Before the wound is healed, before your head is in one piece
You restarted the cycle, a new beginning without noticing.
Exposed once again, there you go, are you ready?
It´s okay, one day I will fall in love again
One day the right one will stay and it will feel fine
Maybe I had many ones, but not right for me
It´s not that love stink but some people do.
I´m just sick of being used.
When they’re not for you, there is nothing you can do
Just don´t you go harassing me and pretend to love me.
That´s just a waste of time and I could be spending it with a real friend
She´d love for who I am, for so many times and go until the end.
I believe in love, yes I always have, but in people I don´t, until I meet my match.
I don´t want to be the one who stops trying, I don´t want my heart to die
Persistent to go back in the wheel and dizzy myself up with the feeling of love
Falling and getting  back up again, I will never feel defeated if I didn´t try
Just be more careful of I let near, of how much I share
The more fragile it gets the easier it breaks



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