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I love my book club. It consists of twelve mothers, of all ages, each with very different taste in books, but we love our monthly get-togethers. We laugh, we share and we talk – A LOT!  Each year, we each sign up for a month to host the club. The host is responsible for choosing the book, hosting the event in her home and supplying food and drink for the evening. It is acknowledged by everyone that no one needs to bring a thing. That way, we are each only responsible for one book club event per year.

Although this is “officially” a book club, we have in the past ventured off to do other things, such as movie night, GNO and so on. Next month Danica, a young mother who just had a baby and low on personal reading time, decided to host a documentary film night. So, instead of reading a book, we will watch a documentary and discuss it at her home.

I told the group about this great website that would be perfect to help us make a choice for the evening. I was surprised that no one had heard of Top Documentary Films. This site is a valuable resource for anyone interested in documentaries. It is well organized and easy to browse the different categories. Plus, it offers added information about the film and filmmaker. The site encourages comments and has created an open forum for discussing each film with other passionate viewers. For our book club, we tossed around watching either The Cove, Food Inc, Tapped or The World According to Monsanto. I will let you know what we decide.

This is also a powerful alternative educational resource for your high school and college students. You may also want to share Top Documentary Films with them.