Watching a 2 Year Old Run and Watching a Mother Run a 5 K.

Yun is visiting a friend. They have a two year old running about. The boy is running from one room to another, taking down the CDs, picking up the toys, hiding in the closet,and  shouting on the stairs. However, in the end, no disasters or dramas occur. Yun watches the boy ,with great joy and ease ,  doing what a 2 years old does.

Yun remembers her own kids when they were that age.  Sadly, what she experienced  most at that time was the stress of her life and motherhood and  her own frantic running about. Sometimes she felt like she was running a 5K toward the goal of being the perfect working mother….trying to do it all.   Yun remembers what the discharging nurse told her when she left the  hospital with her first new born baby, “Don’t rush them, they grow up faster than you think. So, enjoy them.” Only years later, did Yun finally understand what the nurse told her.  By then, her sons are well into their boyhood.

She admits that at that time, she was never in the here and now. She was running here and running there…working and  at the same time wanting to be with the kids…trying to be the perfect mother and perfect corporate working mother at the same time. She could not be present.

Come to think of it, how often are we really here and now?  How often are we so busy to get there and to be there that we forget how to enjoy the present?  Running around and moving so fast like a 2 year old is not always the best choice for an adult.  We miss a lot of life due to the frantic nature of our continual movement.  We miss our inner quiet lives as they are replaced by frantic activity and we get over tired and too stressed out, trying to do it all and please everyone.

Well, watching the two year old running about with joy and ease, Yun  wishes that she could have enjoyed her sons’ babyhood and been at ease with her own young working motherhood!  But then, she caught herself and stopped her mind from running.  The thought did not linger.  Yun has learned that here and now is the time to enjoy her friends, her visit, and the two year old present!

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos


Cece-one of The Two Whos


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