Watching MO - Michelle OBAMA and the First 100 Days - Jan. 26

In an article dated Feb 25, 2008, Richard Wolffe of NEWSWEEK described Michelle as:

"Direct and plain-spoken, with an edgy sense of humor uncommon in a political spouse...She can be tough, and even a little steely, .... her bluntness draws [crowds] in.  She hasn't disappointed."

That early praise was cautious.  There was reticence about her role as a First Lady. But she revealed herself as a key piece of the Obama promise of leadership and service. 

MO's performance during the election and Inaugeration moved beyond "direct, plain-spoken" to engaging, powerful, inspiring. Her revealed herself as a women of style and charm - a personal warmth that she displayed in a way that was closely bound up with her obvious intelligence. Finally a woman who didn't have to downscale her intelligence to be acceptable.

Watching the First Family during last week's Inaugeration was like enjoying a family celebration. 

They were "normal".  They are joyful, loving, and fun.  While they engage independently: Obama speaking; Michelle greeting; the children clicking pictures and scampering about; they reunite with a naturalness and warmth that is real. Their delight in their place in history and with each other is palpable.  Last week the world as viewers watched an Inaugeral ceremony that was a close to being part of a "family celebration" and a "family hug" as one can get.  They made us all feed good.




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