The Watchman at the Gate

Any person who spends enough time in a given atmosphere will become more comfortable in it.  Humans are naturally adaptable and become desensitized to common encounters and events, bad or good; they become normal to us.

It all happens effortlessly.  Whatever we surround ourselves with becomes the baseline for our values, beliefs and views.  The media and advertising industry have a tremendous influence over our (and our children's) innermost beliefs.  Without our permission we are taught that:

    * the artificial and unattainable female appearance (via starvation, surgery, photo-shop and perfect lighting) in ads and entertainment is the beauty ideal

    * we should be happy all the time, or something is wrong with us

    *  we can't live long healthy pharmaceutical drug-free lives

    * we absolutely must be in a relationship or we're defective

    * large portions of low quality food is desirabe

    * what we drive and wear define who we are

    * women are either masculine helmet-hair heads or airhead sex objects

    * men are incompetent sloths and/or overgrown toddlers

There is no truth to these statements, they are just beliefs, but when we aren't consciously aware they seep into our minds and soon we operate from them.  This is exactly what they are intended to do.  Once we feel inadequate we will do, or more precisely, buy anything to cure the ache of our perceived inadequacy.

Another great influence over our belief systems is environment, what we choose to fill our lives with.  Watch enough horror movies or play enough graphically violent games and the violence becomes less startling.   Live a year in France and cheek kissing greetings, long lunches and dinner at 10pm become automatic.  Surround yourself with pessimistic complainers and their beliefs become more and more tolerable.  Spent a few months with positive, hopeful people and watch your heart soar.

To be free of the influence of others and become truly self-governed, we must wake the watchman at the gate of our minds and become conscious of what we allow into our minds and environment.

Seven years ago, I stopped watching television news and listening to talk radio. I read the news (once) to stay informed now. I limit my exposure to chronic pessimists and toxic people. I spend more time reading life improving books, ancient texts and watching uplifting entertainment. I believe that what I take in with my eyes and ears is as, even more, important as what I feed my body. 

I diligently work to keep the watchman actively patrolling the entrance to my mind.  To me, there is no more sacred or dangerous place.

The result.

Today, my life is filled with good people and peace.  Troubles still arise, but I react from calm confidence, not fear.  I like myself more than ever.  I am happy with my body, my skin, my hair.  I appreciate and recognize the beauty my creator gave me and you. I am not troubled by another's disapproval or displeasure.  I use food as my primary medicine.  I've discovered invaluable treasures in people who aren't "cool".  I am aware of the earth's and her people's suffering.  I am able to give time, money, encouragement and love to heal them and I choose not to let my mind live in that world.  The world I choose to live in is beautiful, light and love filled. 

By arming the watchman at the gate of my mind, I am free to be the woman I choose.

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