Water Fun

Today I went out with The Moms and we took the babies to play at this water area for little ones.  Water shoots up out of several different spouts and changes in intensity.  The ones who can crawl and walk have much more fun obviously.  Piggie Smalls enjoyed himself except for when a big kid would cause the water to splash into his face.  He wasn't down with that.  But otherwise it was pretty fun.

I was a very obvious, first-time mom because I forgot to bring my poor son a TOWEL, hello!  I also forgot to take his shirt off and left on his bib...duh.  I also wore jeans and straightened my hair...so I was completely uncomfortable the entire time and thinking about what a waste it was to do my hair this morning.

And you know how hard it is to do your hair when you have a baby around with no one else to help you.  So yes, that was disappointing.

Here's some pics of Piggie Smalls.  He loved looking around mostly.  I think I'm gonna go back as much as I can before the weather changes, I'm sure it'd be even more fun if you dressed right, pulled your hair back, and brought your kid a towel!





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