Watercolor: Let's Make a Plan

Watercolor: Let's Make a Plan

Let's Make a Plan 11x4 Watercolor on paper
Long & skinny Watercolor portrait warm-ups continue in the studio, while I work on a larger architectural facade (18x24).  Today, I'll be experimenting with surface treatments (clear gesso under the watercolor). I've painted washy watercolors on white gesso over paper before, but never on clear gesso, so I'm very interested to see how it feels and looks.  I'm throwing caution to the wind, and jumping in with my shoes on. Best case scenario: textures and pigments and brush marks will be visible and interesting. Worst case: it'll be a mess and I'll start over. :) What new experiments have you tested in your studio this season?

Art Quote
You have made tremendous strides in art. Your drawing is strong, your colors are true. You have rid yourself of that limp Flandrinian-Lamothian line work of that gray, leaden color. There is no need to keep tormenting yourself, my dear Edgar; you have set an excellent course. Set your mind at rest, and through calm but steady and unabated work persevere along this path you have chosen. It is yours and nobody else's. Work in peace, I tell you, stay on track, and rest assured that you will succeed in achieving great things. You have a bright future ahead of you; don't lose heart, don't worry yourself so. 
~Written to Edgar Degas - from his father Auguste De Gas in the summer of 1858






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