Watermelon & grilled corn salsa



It’s relatively easy to find vegetarian food in Chinese restaurants. I’ve been fortunate enough to sample bowls of garlic-sauteed bok choy, lotus root and soft bamboo shoots, black rice porridge, spicy eggplant stew, giant buttery-textured beans that I still haven’t found a name for and seemingly countless other dishes. Meat does reign supreme here, but veggie-based meals aren’t impossible to order.

What is impossible to order, however, is anything not swimming in oil. And I’m not even talking olive or coconut oil, y’all. I mean vats of smelly, extremely questionable, there’s-no-way-all-those-soybeans-weren’t-genetically-modified-or-wait-are-they-really-even-soybeans oil.

Needless to say, the vegetable market around the corner is an absolute godsend. Being the only non-local in the joint might make me feel like a zoo animal, but $6 USD (or less!) for a week’s worth of produce? I’ll deal.

This salsa is THE antidote for an oil-heavy belly. Its flavors smack of summer, and piled atop a bowl of rice and beans? Simple, sweet n’ spicy happiness.

PS: not as over-oiled as I am? Enjoy with crunchy tortilla chips and the coldest of beers. Summer doesn’t last forever!



Get the full recipe for watermelon & grilled corn salsa on Eat Well. Party Hard.


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