To Wax, or Not to Wax, That is the Question

Hey, eyes up here! Literally. I'm talking about an eyebrow wax, people.

I just caught a glimpse of my eyebrows in the mirror and they are out.of.control. I used to be really good at maintaining them because I had one of those lighted, 10x magnified mirrors on my dresser in Philadelphia. But I haven't gotten around to unpacking it since I've moved so I'm thinking the last time I plucked was 2+ weeks ago. Yuck. And probably TMI, I know.

As a single woman, I should probably be paying more attention to these things since it's likely my appearance will have an impact on the number of dates I go on. I guess I just sort of forgot about it.

Since they're more out of control than I'm used to, I have a feeling it's a project better left to a professional. Unfortunately, I haven't had my eye brows professionally done in years, so I don't know who to go to. On top of that, I have a date Friday night. So here's my dilemma: Do I seek out a reputable professional and take the risk that a) she waxes off half of my eyebrow by accident or b) I have an allergic reaction to the wax, either one of which would leave me physically marred for my date? Or do I leave them alone for now, making an appointment for first thing Saturday morning, and risk going to the date au naturel?

Now I've started thinking about all the other beautifying rituals that women go through... Which ones are you willing to risk right before a first date or big event? A spray tan? You could end up perfectly sun-kissed...or streaky and orange. New highlights? I've had so many bad dye jobs that I don't think I would ever risk it again. A facial could leave you with tiny pores and glowing skin, but what if you end up being allergic or breaking out?

So I want to know: Do you have any embarrassing, or straight up horrific, stories about a beauty routine gone bad? What are some beauty rituals that you just won't risk right before an important day?