The Way Things Change

The nest has been empty for four years now and my views have certainly changed from that first year to the present day.

The FIRST Year:

  1. I must take my cell phone EVERYWHERE (Yes, even into the bathroom) so that I won't miss a call/text from one of the lovelies.
  2. I can't bear to part with any of the stuff they left behind.
  3. I just cannot adjust to the quiet in the house. It's deafening.
  4. I am having such a hard time cooking for only two people. We'll be eating this all week.
  5. I hope they like this new recipe.
  6. I'm going to put out all the Christmas decorations so things will look the same when they get home.
  7. I have too much time on my hands. Maybe I'll re-read a classic or five.

The SECOND Year:

  1. I can call/text them right back if I miss a call/text.  
  2. I wonder if all this stuff they left behind will fit in the attic?
  3. It's so nice and quiet around here.
  4. I've cooked so much we'll have to eat this for a couple of days.  
  5. It's nice to prepare anything I want to make for dinner.
  6. Putting out all these Christmas decorations with no help is getting old.
  7. I've got plenty of time to catch up on my reading...maybe I'll go back and catch up on Stephen King.

The THIRD Year:

  1. They'll call me back if it's important. 
  2. I'm going to have a yard sale with all your crap if you don't get it out of here. I am NOT a storage unit. 
  3. Good grief this man that lives here with me makes a awful lot of noise.
  4. How did I EVER cook for six people?
  5. If they come home they can eat what I make or they can eat out. On their dime.
  6. I wonder if we can celebrate Christmas at one of their houses?  
  7. I can read anything now that everyone's out of the house---Fifty Shades, here I come! Seriously, I wouldn't read these things in front of anyone because everyone is privy to the cause of the intense blushing. :) 

The FOURTH Year:

  1. If that cell phone rings one more time and interrupts my game of Ruzzle, somebody is gonna get it.
  2. Your stuff? What stuff?
  3. Good grief this man that lives here with me makes a awful lot of noise.
  4. I'll cook what I want, when I want, IF I want.
  5. When they come home, they will get food if they bring some with them. 
  6. We're having Christmas at YOUR house because I'm not even putting up a tree.  
  7. Do NOT annoy the crazy person me when I'm reading. 

The whole point here is, nothing that takes adjustment is usually easy. Some of it isn't even welcome. But, when we're faced with it, we just need to take it one day at a time. Rushing things, not talking about things, not facing our realities, etc. is not a good idea.

The time will pass quickly, even when the adjustment involves an empty nest. And, before you know it, you'll be quite appreciative of the perks that come with the kids being all grown up and out on their own. 

Most of all, don't forget to laugh!

What was the most difficult adjustment for you when your nest emptied?


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