way too cold....

Wow, the weather up here last week was insane!!!  When I was still in Texas, we would pull out our heavy coats when it got in the low 60s...  Now I've been in New Jersey long enough, that I've adaped a little to the weather.  Low 60s will probably put me in a hoody...  But last week.. There are no words to describe it.. The weather was in the teens..  For DAYS...  I kept asking myself over and over....  why am I in New Jersey.. Why did I leave Texas..  I watch all the women up here outside walking their dogs and babies when it's that cold.. And I'm just like.. wow...  Back home, if you take a baby or a dog for a walk when it's that cold, and someone's calling in for abuse..  No human being should be subjected to this weather!!!  We were in the teens for so long, that when it finally jumped back up to the 30s, I was outside without a jacket.. It felt sooo warm to us!

You probably think that's crazy, and no one could ever adapt like that, but it's true...  The girls and I have all decided that it gets so cold here for so long, that when the temperature finally jumps a little (50s or 60s), it feels like a summer day.. But in Texas, the really cold days are so few and far between, you never really get used to them. 

I am jealous of the south for the planting season.  I LOVE plants..  We have already started several seedlings here, hoping we can keep them going long enough to put them outside...  I miss being able to plant early in Texas...  Sucks watching all the magazines come out with planting guides for the south (I love Southern Living).. and knowing we have to wait a couple more months before we even think about working in the flower beds..  :(  Wish I could make some ruby slippers, and transport us back to Texas!!!


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