Ways to Clean Different Types of Bathtubs

Not every bathtub is made the same, just as not every type of flooring, or every piece of furniture is made the same. You wouldn’t wash your floors or clean your furniture without making sure you are using the proper cleaner, so why do that with your bathtub? When it comes to washing your bathtub it is important to first understand what material your tub is made of. This will determine the best way in which you should clean your tub, as different materials need different methods of cleaning. The most common materials that bathtubs are made of are porcelain, acrylic and enamel. Read below to find out how you should be cleaning your bathtub based on one of these types of materials.

Porcelain Tubs: Porcelain is one of the most durable materials that are used to make bathtubs and sinks today. It is a very strong, stone like material and can stand up to much stronger cleaning methods than other materials. To clean a porcelain tub you will need:

  • An abrasive cleaning powder such as ajax or comet
  • A scouring pad
  • A pumice stone

Using the abrasive cleaning powder, sprinkle it around the inside of your bathtub. Add a little bit of water to help get the powder wet and working. Take your scouring pad and start scrubbing the stained areas that you have applied the ajax or comet to. If you find that there are some really tough stains like calcium build up or rust, use your pumice stone with the abrasive powder to really scrub these areas. Since porcelain is so durable, it is safe to use pumice stones on its surface. After scrubbing, rinse the cleaner away. If you don’t have too many harsh stains, another way to clean the tub is to make a paste with the cleaner and a bit of water and cover the bottom of your tub in it. Let it sit for about 15-30 minutes, and then scrub it with a scouring bad and rinse it away.

Acrylic Tubs: Acrylic is a soft, almost plastic-like material used in bathtubs and showers today. As acrylic is so soft, it is best to avoid using any abrasive cleaning methods on it. To clean an acrylic tub you will need:

  • Regular dishwashing detergent
  • A bit of white vinegar
  • A soft sponge without a scouring side
  • Gentle bathroom cleaning products

The first thing to know about washing acrylic tubs is that they need to be cleaned often. Washing them about once a week should be good. You want to avoid letting any harsh stains build up in your acrylic bathtub since acrylic does not stand up well to abrasive cleaning measures. To clean your tub, start by using some vinegar and water to soak any stains there might be. Simply spray a mixture of the vinegar water onto the stain and let it sit for 30-35 minutes. When the time is up, scrub the area with your soft sponge and rinse away with warm water. To clean the rest of the tub simply use your soft sponge and the dishwashing soap with some hot water. This will get your acrylic tub more than clean. If you have any really stubborn stains that are not giving in to the vinegar or dish soap, try using a stronger, but still gentle enough bathroom cleaning product to scrub it away. Avoid using any pumice stones or scouring pads on your acrylic tub as these will damage it.

Enamel Tubs: Enamel is a material that is most common in older cast iron or steel tubs. Enamel is the material that is used to coat the iron or steel to make the bathtub water resistant and more comfortable to use. However, enamel is very sensitive to harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaner. To clean an enamel tub you will need:

  • Your usual commercial cleaners that are bleach free
  • Some shampoo
  • Trisodium phosphates
  • A soft sponge

For enamel bathtubs, most commercial cleaners should do the trick. Simply use the solution on your bathtub and scrub with a sponge, rinsing away with hot water. As long as the cleaners contain no bleach or you do not use a drain cleaner, your tub will be safe. Use shampoo if you do not want to risk using a harsh cleaner. Apply some shampoo around the ring of the tub and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub it with your sponge and rinse away with warm water. Shampoo is used to clean impurities and human oils from the hair, so it will easily clean the same matter from bathtubs. If you have some extremely tough stains, try using some trisodium phosphates. Mix about a tablespoon to a gallon of water and scrub it onto the stains. Be careful to not use other commercial cleaners with this method. 

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