We accept VISA or Master Card but NOT 36 Double D's

It's been quite a memorable week for me.

Tuesday - 

Chest pain, hard to breathe 

End up in the ER, thought I was having a heart attack.

Undress, put on stylish hospital gown

lots of tests & four hours later, Cleared to go home 

got a good night sleep

Wednesday go nowhere, take it easy

Thursday -

I woke up feeling much better

Ran to the store for milk

Pulled my wallet out of my large purse

See cashier get a very odd look on his face

I look down

Realize my bra was still in the purse from changing into a gown at the ER

Bra has somehow managed to hook itself to wallet

Bra has escaped purse, apearantly wanting to meet new people

Try acting like that did not just happen

Saw old guy in line laughing at me

Panicked and started to say the first thing that popped in my head

Which was, "It's not mine!"  But that sounds even worse. 

What kind of Maniac carries another woman's bra in her bag?!

I tried my best to act like this sort of thing is no big deal

It didn't work and I exited the store without saying another word

Horrified beyond words and yet I'm laughing

Maybe I should have said, "You should see what else I"ve got in this bag!"

I'm not up to date on the latest Bra ettiquite

What's the best way to handle this sort of situation?  Either way,

Bad Bra - no more outings for you.

Has anyone else ever embarrassed themselves because of the contents of your bag?



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