Are You Missing the Funny Because You're Too Busy Judging?

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We should step in when we see a child abused, neglected or starving. But the ideals you hold as a parent are your own. If someone is following the law, keep your trap shut. Stop judging and support. Commiserate over long car trips with whining kids who keep whacking you in the head with toys they are throwing. But keep the judging to yourself. There are plenty of things I see parents do that I would never do because I think of the long term consequences. The few times I do judge, I feel terrible and wish I had kept my comments to myself. Why can't we stop the judging and support each other?

Seriously, it was a post about kids dropping toys while traveling. It was really funny. I chuckled over it tonight when Margo took off her shoes, dropped them, and then whined that she couldn't reach them.

Get over yourselves. Keep raising your kids the best way you can and they will turn out just fine. I will raise mine the best way I can and they will be just fine.


Jessica is a SAHM of 3 who spends her time chasing kids and blogs about her parenting adventures.


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