We are all connected

I heard a story this week that illuminates the connection we have to one another.

Aspen trees, I am told, appear to be separate towers in wooded forests but are, in fact, connected at their roots. The trees create an entire root system and form a colony of trees.

The story-teller marveled at the unseen forested connection and challenged us to think about the connections we all share.

Truth is, I would rather think about such connections than hear that my sins have been forgiven: a story often retreaded this time of the year. I prefer to contemplate how we are all connected, perhaps in ways that escape the obvious and visible. How is that we share colonies?

We are connected at a structural level, forcing us to confront our relations with one another and with the dirt, air and water that nourish us.

Even my pup finds connections: we are entwined at a visceral level, reading signs in each other’s body language. I know when he is hungry; he knows when I am sad.

And my man: he finishes my sentences. We breathe in unison. We are aspens.

May your holidays be rich with aspens. I wish for you a wondrous new year. May you find your forest.


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