We Are Not Getting Married!

We are not getting married!


You thought everything was fine!  But in the back of your mind you had  some lingering doubt!   You could not quite put your finger on it but  there was this little voice saying; “Hmmm I’m not sure!”  You had some  reservations!

Sometimes there are surprises and you are totally caught off guard!  But  when the engagement is extended again and again…  It is time to really  think where is this relationship going? Do we value the same things?  What  principles do we really share?  Am  I/we being realistic?

It is really important to have some serious discussions and think about what  your future together is going to really be like!   What are the  desired long time goals! Too often many get involved without really getting to  know this person you say that you love.  What does love really mean to  both of you?   You want to know as much as possible about  another!  

You  also want to have a good disagreement!  Why?  You need to  know how you both respond under pressure!   Do you clam up?  Do  you fly off the handle?  Can you be objective or do you just point the  finger?   Can you say you are sorry and mean it?  How you resolve  conflict in marriage is important!   No one is right all the  time…  Remember marriage is supposed to be a lifetime partnership  relationship where two can grow individually as well as together!


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