We Are One World Healing

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This blog has the dual purpose of facilitating an ever-growing group-effort to heal the planet, nature and humanity, and to offer personal healing help for everyone individually.

I. 'We Are One World Healing'- initiative
Join Our Monthly Sessions to Heal Our World. During the sessions, from wherever we are, we (an ever growing group from around the world) collectively send loving, healing energy to all people, animals, all other sentient beings and our beloved planet Earth. Every full moon.

Why ?There are so many people & issues needing healing in this world. As most people doing healing energy work, I wanted to be more effective than only treating clients individually with Reiki in my treatment studio, and help all that come my way. Suddenly, it dawned upon me that distance Reiki healing energy and other forms of unconditional love can be sent to Earth and its people to create the tidal wave of healing energy for our world to heal. Simple solution to help all.

Creating Energetic Synergy: To make the energy force have impact, I’m hoping to connect all healing professionals and like-minded spirits to align their prayer-healing energy- transmission into one big synergy-force. The synergistic power of group meditation and joint prayer has been documented with many anecdotes. All the details of participation are on the list. Please register. It's free.

II: Individual healing information:
To help individual heal their own immediate world first, this blog covers alternative health therapies, such as aromatherapy, chakra balancing, crystals, healing energy, reiki, wicca, etc; spiritual topics, inspirational healing stories and healing 'how to's.