We Are The Travelers - Videoblogging Part 4

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Travel to me is like the Twilight Zone, it is both internal and external experience. There are miles between a thought and the surface of the skin.
Peace Walk in Pasadena. In this last selection of videos before the conference I want to introduce you to fellow travelers who, like Robert Frost, intend to take the road less traveled, sometimes in plain sight.

Alive in Baghdad
is videoblogging by Iraqs on stories, life views and what life is actually like in Iraq. This is a dangerous as it gets but you get the opportunity to listen to Iraqi voices unfiltered. I can't pick a representational video so I leave it to you to explore this land.

On the other side of the spectrum Josh Leo gives a tour of a city that I never gave much thought about, Budapest. I especially like any tour that includes subways and subway art.

Shadow World is going to take you on a different type of trip under the elevated trains of Northeast Philadelphia. David Kessler's work makes me want to write better, shoot video better and generally agitates the heck out me. I mean that in a good way.

Next on our tour I want to show you a place where the women vloggers hang out to display some of our work.

Vidlicious contains links to the diverse world of women vloggers. This is a great time to shuck watching bad M$M TV and check out videos where the focus is on content produced by women vloggers.

You got your LGBT vlogs. You got 39 and holding straight girls trying to get hitched vlogs. You have women creating all kinds of art or voicing inner thoughts or at least reading from the heart.

And finally, for an out of this world experience, (ok, it is really a comedy video but go with the bit) hop in this TARDIS parody with Galacticast

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief look on the vlogging side of the fence. For more of the good stuff or if you need help om finding other quality vlogs and videos please check out Mefeedia and the good folks at Blip.TV

I hope you can join us in Real or Second Life at the conference. Either way feel free to drop a comment or a message.

Image credit: Screenshot From my video of Pasadena Peace Walks