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My college roommates and I at our NYU undergrad ceremony '07

My roomates and I at our NYU undergrad ceremony ’07

Congratulations 2013 lady graduates! You have officially been accepted into the sisterhood of unicorns. I know, you’ve been in your 20′s for a year or two now, but your college years don’t really count as far as your 20′s go. Sorry.

Societally speaking, women in their 20′s are invincible.  As far as commitments go, you probably don’t have many, making your life mobile and limitless. You can go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone you want to be.

Everyone is attracted to a woman in her 20s.  Why wouldn’t they be? Your boobs will never be perkier, your skin tighter, your ass firmer.  Genetically, you’re still young enough to lose weight easily.  I’m not saying losing weight is easy; it’s not, but it’s never going to be easier than it is now.   

Take it from Princeton Mom, there will never be a larger supply of men or women who want to date you. This is not to say you should date everyone or try to find a compatible mate ASAP, but rather, recognize that as you get older the dating pool will only get smaller.  Eventually, you will exhaust dating friends of friends, co-workers, random cute guys you meet at a bar/coffe-house/public library, and dating will get harder. Plus you’ll, hopefully, get picker. This is a good thing. Less frogs, more princes, right.

This is all very general of course, because everyone’s situation is unique. Nevertheless, societally speaking, you are golden.  

It’s true, there is nothing like being in your twenties.  Right now everyone’s talking about it, yet something you should know, is your 20′s are going to suck. Big time.

In your twenties you will probably have your first serious relationship, followed by your first real heartbreak, the one that makes you understand why every love song was ever written.

Apart from romantic relationships, you’ll re-evaluate every relationship you have-friends, family, co-workers.  You will ask yourself, is this person important to me? Am I important to them? Do I even still like this person?

If you haven’t already, you may experience your first loss and it WILL shape you.

You’ll have to endure people saying, “Don’t worry, you’re so young,” as if this made your problems any less painful, any smaller. 

In your twenties you’ll discover that you’re probably way under-qualified and under-educated for your dream job. The realization will be depressing at first.  Luckily, this like everything else can and will change because you will change.

As much as people say your 20′s doesn’t count, it does.  Everything counts.  In your twenties, you’ll learn more about yourself than you will probably, for the rest of your life. “Eighty percent of life’s defining moments happen by age 35. [Your twenties are] the defining decade of your adulthood” (Meg Jay).

But as we all know, personal growth is never easy.  In fact, it’s going to be messy.  I’m not here to make it any less messy because I would never rob anyone of that experience.  Making a mess is often how we grow.  Rather, I want to remind you to enjoy it as best you can and whenever appropriate, laugh. Because your 20′s are also going to be some of the best parts of your life.

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