We Belong

The point of posting the letter to Hasbro here was not to gather people to cheer me on.  It wasn’t even to see how many people agreed with me. The point of sharing the letter was to share with you a problem in my life that wouldn’t have been a problem if I wasn’t living Islamically. The point of sharing the letter was to share with you how I dealt with this problem. I could have done it all without sharing, yes. I could live my whole life without sharing what I do here…but then…

Hasbro Inc. has not responded. I don’t anticipate that they will. It is my hope that by sharing my views, maybe they will think more carefully before doing something like this again. Maybe someone who read my post will think twice about what it is that they are buying. Maybe not.

For the past 5-6 years, whenever we leave town on vacation we make a point to visit the local mosque for Jummah prayers. This time was no different.  

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