We can do something to stop the insanity of forced abortions abuse of children, right here and now in America.

I am here to allow you to do something super positive for kids in the US. The group of Scientology enforces aborions on it's female staff and abuses children. It also still forces families to disconnect fomr one another! No kidding! This is horribly true but we can do something about it. The links at the bottom are for your edification. We just need to sign this valid petition with only 5,000 sigs to the President of the United States and Scientology will be investigated by the US gov. The links are safe and absolutely no spam.

I know about most of the abuses of Scientology because I was there and suffered terribly for it. Some of the reading from the links below can be hard to take. Evil done to children is extremely distasteful but your heart will bleed for these kids and you will want to do something about it. Here's your chance. Thanks to all of who take a minute to sign and a few more minutes to read some of the other links. Were over 2,000 sigs already and need help to get this sewed up. We can save women and kids this is happening to today.

Blessings to you and your families, 

: )



First the links to sign: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/%21/petition/examine-government%E2...


Then the links that prove the abuses:







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