We Changed the Conversation

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Estelle Sobel Erasmus
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Estelle Sobel Erasmus or @mommymusings011
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Musings on Motherhood, Mid-life, and Other Forms of Madness

Politicians are waging a war on women and mothers. But despite their best efforts to instigate false "mommy wars" over the Hilary Rosen/Ann Romney fracas, the politicos didn't divide us, they only made us stronger. It made us stronger, because we changed the conversation. We changed the conversation to insist on policies and laws that support women and mothers. Only when government and society values the invisible work of mothering, whether the woman works outside the home for income or stays at home can change begin to happen. There is much work to be done. Make no mistake. We are in a revolution.. It's up to women to create the change in their lives that they want to see in the world. I provide solutions to get started. Together women and mothers are powerful!