We Could All Use a Little Credit. Write? Right.

Hey! I love your blog... Do you take credit? If you said yes, I promise you, you're not a sucker.  I'll tell you why...

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Are you that blogger that about a year into blogging feels like they've been had?  You've been to the conferences, you've networked, you've gotten noticed, you are writing all the time, and the checks you expected to get just aren't rolling in?

Don't worry - we've all been that blogger at some time or another who is like... "wait a minute... what the @#%$ is going on?"

Yep.  One day you will look up and see that the time you have spent attending parties, posting press releases, testing products, and making videos has translated into just a little bit of money when it was all said and done.  I remember going to an event that I was being paid $50 to attend - I was like, "yes!" Paid $5 to park, came out of the event and had a $45 parking ticket waiting for me.  In all my enthusiasm, I had paid for the space next to mine - not the one my car was in.  Then I stopped at the gas station on the way home.  I was now $10 bucks in the red. @#$%. Then I still had to spend a couple of hours to do the write up. Double @#$%.

Don't think that you are the only one who might end up writing for less money than you'd like.  By 'less' I mean 'none'.

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Shai Cooper from HireShai.com (@hireshai on Twitter) is a virtual assistant, business blogger, and manages emergency management social media for a state agency.  She believes that, "writing for free early on helps you develop your writing style as well as allows you the time and opportunity to develop a following. The most important two things to a writer are a well developed style that is distinctive and a loyal following."

So what do you do when you start getting tired?  If you get tempted to just copy and paste the press release, since you're not getting paid anyway, think about this.  Rae Mathis (@fromraewithlove on Twitter), creator of the Washington Writers of Color group in DC, writer of her own blog at From Rae with Love, and contributor to several other blogs says, "you're always writing for yourself. Your work is always a representation of you. Whether for someone else, for a major publication, for your own blog, be sure to put forth your best work. Always."

Tanisha Townsend(@girlmeetsglass on Twitter) of Girl Meets Glass, is a jet setting wine and spirits blogger and educator, known for blogging on the go - by any means necessary. She encourages new bloggers to ask themselves, "Why did you start blogging? [Was it] to be rich and famous? Well, good luck. If you started because you are blogging about something you are so passionate about that you just had to share it with the world, that will come across in the words that you write. That is what will get you noticed... passion."

For more on what to expect (the skinny on all the money, fame, free lip balm, flashlight key chains, and gift cards) when you start blogging, check out my post on EvaLoves.com called "Writing Credit".


My main blog is SocaMom.com, and it is about Caribbean American parenting.  Check me out on Twitter @socamomdc. Some of you, especially those that I met at BlogHer this year may know that I have another blog about everything ELSE that I love. 

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