We deserve the government we get

They say we get the government we deserve and I agree.  We either don't vote or we do it without being intelligently informed.  There are so many countries who don't have our privilege to freely choose who will lead us.  And yet we are so cavalier about it.

I am amazed at the memes on Facebook and other social media that we pass around like they are factual.  Or for that matter, even have a shred of common sense.  Yet we continue to pass them around and I wonder -- are there people who believe them to be true?  Case in point -- the continual comments about President Obama not being  a citizen of the U.S.  With the way the Republicans hate the Democrats, is it likely they would have ignored this fact during the campaign?  And would the Democratic Party have taken a chance on choosing someone to run who was not a citizen?  A native born citizen, I should say.

Or Mark Sanford having to leave the office of Governor of South Carolina?  Whether he was having an affair outside of his marriage is less of an issue for me as the fact he told his staff he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, but was out of the country.  He couldn't be found for days!  Yet he was recently elected to Congress.

I think we need to begin to put some effort and thought into who we vote for.  We shouldn't just not vote or go into the booth and mark a name that is familiar without knowing who we are voting for and what they stand for.  Do we actually want someone who is deceitful or a liar to represent us?  Yet, you can see examples all over Washington and our state governments of this sort of character flaw, time and time again.  And we re-elect them, time and time again.

And we can't just depend on the ads on the television as our way to gather information.  We need to investigate and study up before we vote.  If we don't -- we get the government we deserve.







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