We Didn't Adopt Our Sons' Sister

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Meeting my Sons’ Birthmother for the Third Time: The Pain of Not Adopting

"Amy,” the social worker said, “Melanie is pregnant again.”

I breathed in the collective worry of all mothers and exhaled only carbon dioxide. Some number of minutes or hours later I asked when the baby was due.

“April 19th,” she replied. I did the math—a little less than two months away. J was just starting to talk, and sliding headlong into the “terrible twos” (which start at 18 months, by the way). We had just moved to a new city where my husband and I were trying to build law practices. The ink was barely dry on the deed to a tiny, three bedroom house—a house sized for a family of 3.


Credit Image: Photo by Eric Lewis/subewl via Flickr

I gathered in more air and asked, “Is she planning to parent this baby?”

“No. And she hasn’t picked a family.”

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