We Locked Our Daughter In Her Room and We All Slept Better

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I've made decisions as a parent for my sons that some of my friends have given me grief about; everything from bedtimes to breastfeeding to cloth diapers to discipline. Someone always has an opinion. The thing these people have failed to realize is that my choices were made out of love for my boys and an understanding of how they function and what would work best at any given time.

That's what I kept in mind as I read a post by Abby at Diligent Joy. Her daughter wasn't sleeping in her new big girl bed. Everyone was exhausted. So she locked her daughter in her room. She didn't come to the decision lightly... but everyone in her house is sleeping again. What do you think?

Big Girl Bed Update: We Locked Our Toddler In Her Room and She Survived:

Key to the open doorSince then, however, life has been good. We lock (don't even think about judging me) Harper's room when she goes to bed and unlock it before we turn in for the night. I know that many people will think this is poor parenting on our part. I don't care. Those people aren't raising a child as willful as Harper and they have probably never tried to run a daycare on no sleep, either. Locking her door was not a decision that I came to lightly. I read a lot and did quite a bit of thinking about it beforehand. In the end, it was something I was willing to try if it meant a good night's sleep for Harper and me. Remember that we'd been almost two weeks without Harper sleeping straight though the night. I was dead tired and so was Harper (even though she would never have admitted it for anything in the world). In order for either of us to keep functioning, we needed rest. We desperately needed rest.

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