we look good together

flower vases garlandafter a year or two of hobbling along i have decided no more! this blog is about to get put back into shape. i am looking forward to sharing ideas and inspiration with you and moving along whether or not i am crazy jealous which i am because there is just so many beautiful creatives out there. going to get ok with it and move on for my one sake.

something cool? i looked back on posts and realized it's kinda like a journal. it was nice to go back and remember things. i wish i could read a photo filled journal of my great grandmother and i am going to be one of those someday so...

i am so excited to get to know you and build great online friendships once again. yes, yes ok i missed you; terribly. why i slowed my blogging pace was purely out of envy and it created a rebellion to shut off completely. it created a deep emptiness inside and a longing to reach out. i wrote a post here and there because i obviously needed my blog!

envy gave me nothing.

turning my perspective around to gratitude. i am grateful there are so many creative people out there. it is so beautiful. i have to be in the abundance frame of mind instead of scarcity. we can all have amazing blogs and we can all share and we can all have wonderful audiences and friends. its all going to be ok.

and thank you all so much for your undeserved, yet much needed encouragement!

you are a blessing :)

you were part of my shimmering light.


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