We love the books

Yes, we love books. The real books, with real pages and covers and pictures. We like to flip through them, book mark them, and take them with us when we travel. One of our favorite things to do is, go to a used book store and look around. We've found some great things there.
 People are always asking us how we come up with our ideas. Well, actually Al gets this more than me, people are more fascinated with original sculpture than reproduction beadwork. I totally understand that. But the answer can be found in the books. 
 With sculpting especially, you can't just pull a face out of your head and expect it to look like a real face. If you are doing abstract art, this is probably not a problem. But Al is very exacting with the anatomy of the people and animals he sculpts. He will actually start with the bone structure and work his way out. You can read more about his technique here. 
 Anyway, back to the books. Did I mention we love them? Why do we love them, reference material, photographs, even expansion on ideas.
This is some of our book collection. In discussing our plans to live in the 5th wheel, this subject has definitely come up. More on that another day.
 I have books I use for ideas on bead patterns, or clothing. I try to be historically correct in everything I make, and that would never happen without reference material.
This is a few of my favorites. Notice I said a few. 

Al has more books than me. He has a much greater variety of stuff that he’s been collecting for years, and he also has magazines from WAY back. But in all fairness, he needs all the anatomy, pictorial, and historical books for his work. When he sculpts a Native American mans face, he doesn’t want him looking like a white guy. And then there is the clothing and hair and war bonnets that all need to look like the real thing.
Here are a few of the books he uses. Again, I said few.
Why not just ask google, why not access the good old internet? Because books are special in a way that a computer can’t be. Don’t get me wrong, we use the internet to find pictures a lot.
 But it’s just not the same. 


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