We miss you and your cherries.

Baby Cherry Pies and chocolate chunk brownies and peanut butter cookies with mini chocolate chips.

Last night was baking gone bad, but in that bad way that's good.

Our office is gathering today to celebrate someone we love very much. She was our leader!

Donna passed away last year on March 26th and today we are eating some of her favorite foods, listening to her favorite music and looking through all the old photos of her that we love.

She lost her battle to cancer and although she isn't here with us everyday, her will to fight, to encourage us to always push beyond our comfort zone, to laugh at ourselves and to love what we do, remains in each of us.

The baking was therapeutic and the alone time at home while Ryman was at work helped me to really feel a little more connected to her than I have lately. I listened to Amy Winehouse croon and thought about how much she would have loved leaving work early on a Thursday to bake and dance around in the kitchen.

She made my life better, she created a job I love, just for me almost 4 years ago, she believed in me and made me a million times more confident than I ever thought I could be. She was my neighbor, my mentor, my commute buddy, my boss, my friend, my inspiration to lose weight and take control of my health and is still my constant reminder to be thankful for my health.

I took some photos of the baking adventure and I  hope these goodies taste as good they managed to look. Our team is going to be even closer after today, we can only get through it together.





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