We Need Mitt On Our Side In the White House

We had a great crowd at the Women For Mitt rally in Reno, Nevada yesterday.  There were about 500 in attendance mostly women but a lot of men too – all enthusiastic to hear Ann Romney speak, which she does so beautifully   Ann has done so much for others and her energy and strength always amaze me.  She told a particularly compelling story of a young 14 year old boy who was dying of cancer and the care and comfort Mitt gave to him.  They became friends and the young boy asked Mitt to help him write a will and also give the eulogy at his funeral.  Another example of how Mitt Romney really connects with people.

I posted a story earlier about how Mitt’s support and encouragement helped me when I went back to school while working for him at the Olympics.  But his support was not limited to letting me leave work a little early and easing the pressure when he could.  He was a vocal supporter of me both inside and outside of our organization.  Mitt Romney knows how to make the most of every resource he has.  He was telling people how much he relied on me and how much confidence he had in me and letting them know that they could trust and rely on me too.  He was elevating me to be in the best position possible to be successful.  This was as much a help to me at the Olympics as it was afterwards when I was pursuing a new career.

I am fortunate to count as friends women from Mitt’s management team at the Olympics that had similar experiences.  Mitt has embraced the diversity that women bring to his staff.  He does this, not for diversity’s sake alone or to appease women, but because he knows firsthand the strength that diversity brings in business and government.  I saw Mitt’s genuine interest in women’s perspectives in the decision making process and the trust he placed in them.  And, is it really any wonder that he holds women in such high regard – with the role models he’s had?  You just have to look at the devotion and respect he shows for his inspirational wife, Ann, and the wonderful influence of his accomplished Mother to see that this is no accident.

Mitt Romney is a great guy to have on your side and we really need him on our side in the White House!




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