We, The People

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We, the People

  By Rhonda Chaney

It’s easy to say “I love my country”…but that’s no longer enough. 

 Here at the Café, we tend to tread lightly when it comes to politics.  But since Dennis is living the “American Dream” this week, I’m going to open up the can of worms.

 Today I’m wearing a purple hat...not blue, not red.  The issues that face this country need to be solved – without party lines to trip us up.  We need to step away from the fan, learn the FACTS, and take action (in that order)…before it’s too late!

 We care – so we’re easily influenced.  But we can’t let ourselves buy into the propaganda of the media monster. We need to know what BOTH sides of the aisle really want, do our own research, and make choices based on facts. We can’t let ourselves be influenced by celebrities nor radicals (the ones who scream the loudest sometimes know the least).

 Here are my opinions on two hot topics, and I invite you to comment.

 1.)  I think it’s insane to give terrorists the same rights as U.S. citizens.  For those losers who are citizens and then try to kill their brethren, their citizenship should be revoked and their rights forfeited when they became traitors.  There should be no court dates scheduled - nor attorneys to defend them.  Who will defend us against the next 9-11 attack if they’re released?  Janet is too busy being politically correct than doing what it takes to effectively handle her Homeland Security responsibilities.  Taking care of our citizens…THAT should be politically correct!  (You listening ACLU?)

 2.)  Next, no person in their right mind should approve a document that’s over 2,000 pages. Can you say “earmarks”?  If I were a CEO, and a contract that size was presented to me, I’d find out what they were hiding and demand it be broken down so the content and deliverables were obvious.  Any member of Congress who stamps their approval on a document that large, no matter what their party, is not only refusing to do their job – they’re endangering the welfare of our country.  They need to stop appeasing special interest groups and so-called leaders, and rise above the agenda.

 Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Question is…what are we, the people, going to do?


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