We So Rock!

I was just thinking as I was updating my blog, Twitter and Facebook, sending out work-related emails (and a few personal ones, too), answering the phone and texting on my BlackBerry:  How do we do it?

I mean, we women rock!  Not that men don't.  Where would we be without David Bowie?  But, we really do do it all.  And this is coming from a single gal, sans kids or pets and with only two plants.  I can't imagine what mothers must do.  Heck, I gave myself a little pat on the back this morning for timing my tea and oatmeal so well.  Then, I looked around at the clutter peppering my desk and living room, and thought I still have a way to go.  Still, the tea-to-oatmeal timing is a huge improvement over yesterday.  I have a free afternoon today.  Dare I say the dust bunnies will die?  

Talking to friends who are new moms or newly married, in a new job or out of an old one, the things we accomplish in any given day is impressive.  Think of all that gets done on a "day off"!  So, I just wanted to say, You are the best.  All of you.  For all you do.  We should give ourselves a round of applause today, even if it's just for surviving Monday; taking a shower; hitting the gym; shaving; not losing our minds; making it to work without a fender bender, even if we weren't on time.  We rock.  And where would the world be without us?


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