(PICS) Stuffed Animals Call Octomom's Bankruptcy in 2009

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is back in the news, having declared bankruptcy even after posing nude in order to make money. This was no shocker to me: My daughter's stuffed animals got the skinny two years ago. Here's my pictoral coverage of the 2009 interview between the Octopony Mom and Dr. Phooh, in which they discuss things like income and housing for fourteen children.

At the time of this interview, the evil Dr. Miffy had transferred six embryos into the Octopony Mom, who had been living in Dr. Arens' closet with no visible means of support for the past two years.

Octopony babies

Those ponies are tiny, and the worst is that the Octopony Mom already has six ponies at home.

Octopony Older Kids


We now divert you to the interview between the Octopony and renowned television psychologist Dr. Phooh.

Dr. Phooh

This ain't my first rodeo, folks.

Dr. Phooh sat down with the Octopony Mom in one of her first live interviews since the birth of the eight octoponies.

Dr. Phooh and the Octopony


Dr. Phooh: So tell me, Octopony, how exactly do you plan to support yourself and these 14 ponies? Because it appears your mom is in foreclosure, and you're about to be kicked out of that dollhouse.

Octopony: I just think it'll be all right. I guess I have a lot of faith in friends and family.

Dr. Phooh: Well, we're about to get serious here, Octopony. I'm not sure you realize it, but raising ponies requires something.

Octopony: Really? What's that?



Octopony: Oh, ha! That's okay. Because I have some student loans.

Dr. Phooh: Oh, well. You also need a ...

House word width=


Octopony: Well, I suppose you might have a point, there. Maybe I'm just in denial because the ponies are still in the hospital, you know, but we already have a house.

Dr. Phooh: You're stacking them like cord wood in there.

Octopony House


Octopony: You know, I think it'll be okay.

Dr. Phooh: You can barely fit in your car now!

Octopony trailer

Dr. Phooh: Do you even understand you're going to need a 16-horse trailer just to get around? The American people need to hear you admit you've made a mistake.

Octopony Closeup


Octopony: What do you want me to say? I think it'll be okay. Ahm. Heh.

Dr. Phooh Closeup


[Editor's Note: At this point, Dr. Phooh starts to lose his audience and stalks off the stage, frothing at the mouth.]

Did you see this coming? What should she do next?

Rita Arens authors Surrender, Dorothy and is the editor of the award-winning parenting anthology Sleep is for the Weak. She is the senior editor for BlogHer.com.


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