We Were There, A Book Review

1 A Book We Were There by Eve Bunting

We Were There: A Nativity Story by Eve Bunting and Wendell Minor (picturebook)

Book Review

With, ‘We Were There: A Nativity Story’, Eve Bunting uses a poetic writing style to tell the story of common insects, snakes, and other unsavory creatures on their way to see ‘Baby Jesus’.  Each character introduces itself and tells how it is going to get to the manger. This book contains a powerful message; that even the lowliest of creatures were made by God and loved by Jesus.  It teaches us to take a good look at how we tend to consider people, creatures, (large and small), and even the Earth itself, as below us or evil. The gorgeous illustrations, by Wendell Minor, are a delight to behold. ‘We Were There: A Nativity Story’ is a short-read, (only 32 pages), and is considered a ‘Picture Book’.  This is a book to be owned and read by all that love a good Christmas story.


Debra Mauldin, Blogger, Writer, and Certified Aromatherapist

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