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I have been feeling in me, for quite some time now, this desire to help women through inspiration and spiritual growth, and to help them achieve their ultimate capacity.  I, myself,  have struggled with this for so many years as everything, but me, took precedence in my life.  Now I have learned that the more I dedicate to feeding my soul and learning who I am, the easier it is to be productive in the roles I have acquired.  The more I learn to love myself (leaving my ego behind), the better I love my children and the more effective I am as a Mom. Increasing my ability to love has also made me a better partner, co-worker, friend, and overall, a better WOMAN.

 I believe in the power of love and how it can transform your life. To me, love is not only a feeling you have toward someone or something, LOVE is a way of life, and a standard of living. I choose to live within the basic laws of love. Kindness, warmth, trust, hope, understanding, compassion, unity, acceptance, are all words in my life’s foundation.  I respect this and simoultaneously demand it of myself, because I BELIEVE in it. I am not perfect, as growing is a constant journey, but I am not who I was many years ago when I was captive to unhappiness, fear, and limitations.

I think we as women have such a hard time succeeding in the roles we have.  I wonder how much more productive,  joyful, and spiritually strong we would be if we decided to live a love-filled life. One of the biggest resources we have to help us in this journey, is each other. We as women should support each other with love, respect, understanding, and acceptance.

Tenzin Palmo, a buddhist nun who has dedicated her life to love, stated in an interview, “We don’t respect each other. We don’t trust each other. We don’t love each other. We don’t value each other. And until we value each other, why should anyone else value us? If women really held hands together, we would be a terrific power.”

These are incredibly powerful words. What would we be capable of if we were united by love instead of separated by greed, gossip, fear, selfishness, and indifference? Oh how much more powerful of a gender we would become. Powerful in making the world a better place for us, for our children, our families, and for each other.

I ask you today to make small changes. Tomorrow instead of judging a female neighbor, co-worker, or a perfect stranger, see her in a different light. Realize that she is not much different than you. She is probably living day by day following a journey that is not always easy. Show compassion and realize that we are ALL beautiful. Treat other women as you’d want to be treated. Show love so you can be loved. You get back who you are, so be love!

Helena @ Women of Character

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