Wear your peep toe shoes with tights (shocking, I know!)

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I have several open-toed, high-heeled pumps and wedges that I would like to continue wearing now that it is getting cooler in the South East. Is it ok to wear tights with open-toed shoes? I am in my 40's and slender - I don't want to look stupid or odd. I would match the tights to my pants or skirt and wear shoes close to the same color for a long-line look.


After years of closed-toed shoes, the peep toe is staging a comeback, in a variety of heel heights and styles. But now that summer is over, what do you do with all those open-toed shoes?

Wear them. With tights. You heard me.

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Gwennie peep toe, Kate Spade, $295.00

There are, of course, a few things to keep in mind if you want to wear your open-toed shoes into the winter.

Choose shoes that have enough substance to transition from season to season. Suede and silk are fine in summer and winter; leather -- particularly patent, which is HUGE just now -- is also essentially seasonless. Very lightweight strappy shoes, however, are for summer only. Pack them away for warmer weather.

Pair peep toes with tights, NOT panty hose. Sheer stockings are perfect with closed-toe shoes, but with an open toe, you need something with more substance. This is a look that HAS to be intentional, not accidental; pairing stockings with open toed shoes will look like you just made a mistake. But go with tights -- opaque tights, with a minimal toe seam -- for a thoughtful look.

Watch your hemline. Peep toes with a mini skirt are not a good look on an adult woman; wear shorter skirts with flat shoes. Keep your hemline at the kknee, either slightly above or slightly below, depending on your height and shape. Tights and peep toes are best with skirts or dresses, but you can make it work with pants as well; match tights to your trousers, not your shoes, to elongate the leg.

Play with color and texture. Matching your tights to your skirt or your shoes will create a long leg line; matching tights and shoes also makes the shoe's peep toe a little more subtle. But what if your shoes aren't black or brown? What if they are green? Or orange? Or RED? Match tights to your skirt -- black skirt, black tights, red shoes -- and let the shoes be the pop of color in your outfit. If the shoes have a pattern, you can use your tights to call attention to one color in the shoe -- say, navy tights with a navy and pink print shoe.

Your size and shape make a difference. As with any other fashion choice, your body's size and shape will impact the choice you make. On a woman with long legs, or a slim figure, colored tights with neutral peep toes are a good option. But this is a very dramatic look, and a very young look; a colored tight will draw attention to your legs, so do this intentionally. For shorter legs, or a slightly curvier figure, stick with dark tights and make the shoes your pop of color.

Be daring. Wear textured tights with your peep toes for a fun casual look; wear tights with a seam in the back for a sexy evening out. For the office, stick with solid tights, or with a tonal pattern.

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