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"Give me my college diploma!" Okay, not yet. I still have a few classes that I will finish this summer while I build a portfolio site. I am a Media Arts major, but there weren't classes for web and graphic design after the basic foundation. I learned CSS, and built a website for the campus paper using that code style. I took a class for graphic design, Desktop Publishing, and I (unsuccessfully) attempted Flash.

This summer is my opportunity to dominate the animated moving graphics of Flash, while furthering my education in web and graphic design. I will be taking Java Programming, Web Graphics, Desktop Publishing II, Advanced Web Design, and others. Also, in May I will be purchasing a Mac. (I've been a PC user up until being introduced to design.)

My senior project is a portfolio site. Between now and April 15, I need to research other portfolio sites. So far, my favorites have been Noe Design (I love the firey smoke design), Josh Smith Portfolio (my favorite. A great mix of flash and graphics. I've never seen anything like it), and Brynn Sheperd (college student. Impressive.) The site is not due until December 2009, but I am beginning it now. I will spend a lot of time researching other styles, reviewing what I've learned, and developing new skills this summer while I construct the site. In the Fall, I will use the time to re-develop, edit, and re-structure where I find necessary. Hopefully, by then I will have enough graphics as well so that I may pursue a career in web development and design.

The first step is research though. Research and review. I need to read up on my options, test out styles and creative ideas. 

This blog will track my progress. The portfolio site will not only reflect my personal style, but hopefully it will reflect my potential as a web developer and graphic designer. At the end of this, my site will include my published writing, my photography, my blog ("HerDesign"), my resume, graphics, and flash videos I've created.

If you are a graphic designer or web developer on BlogHer, I would love to discuss your career and how you found yourself consumed by this art. I would also love to come across other bloggers who dabble in all kinds of artwork, in addition or instead of digital web art.


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