Web Rage Suckers

When Tina Fey told her Internet critics to "suck it" after winning the Golden Globe the other night I couldn't help but smile. The kick-ass media dynamo is right. Internet meanies suck. Big time. You know the ones. The lowlife's who hide behind usernames and leave nasty comments on other people's blogs. Or worse the ones who show no shame and trash talk on their own blogs. Just because they can. I bet they're the same types who let loose behind the wheel of a car. That's right, the person who just gave you the finger out on the road is probably the same person trying to stick it to somebody right now in cyberspace. Maybe even you.

Thankfully everyone who has commented on my itty bitty blog has been super cool. Not a crazy in sight. Nope. All the nutjobs have set up shop elsewhere. Ironically, one of their favorite hangouts happens to be a real great website called Shine. It's Yahoo's chick site. Quite fabulous really, well, except for the demented dim wits who can't wait to go after anyone who posts an article on the site. Now, most of the site's readers do not fit into that category but the ones that do make me want to scream. They will find something negative to say even if you submit nothing but articles about Mother Theresa all day. That's right, they are that crazy.

Like the woman who accused me of being a bad mom after reading an article I wrote about working in my home office post-kid. I loved working from home before I had my daughter. Afterwards? Not so much. So guess what? This whack job decided that I must take out my frustration on my kid. That's right. She claimed I probably did unmentionable things to her. Clearly, this mad woman had to be stopped. I complained to Shine and they took her comment off my site. Kudos to the folks at Yahoo.

What makes somebody go after a complete stranger? Why are they so frickin' angry? So catty? It's like the Housewives of Orange County have invaded cyberspace minus the tacky clothes and California sunshine. If you've got a vjay jay somebody's gonna say something about it - and it ain't gonna be pretty. Thank goodness women like Tina Fey have had it. She's got a big mouth and knows how to use it. So take that all you web ragers. You can suck it. Big time.

From The Moxie Report Jan. 14th. Tracy Evans is a television producer, writer and mom.

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