A web search engine that donates to charity? Say no more and sign us up!

How many times a day do you search? 10? 100? 1,000? If you’re like most of us EcoStilettoistas, you’re spending a whole helluva lot of time each day online looking up some random factoid you just Have! To! Know! Right! Now! And whether you’re partial to Yahoo or Google, your search doesn’t do much except deliver information.

Until GoodSearch.

Set it up as your go-to search engine and they’ll donate a penny per search to the cause of your choice. Choose your charity from your own research, or let GoodSearch do it for you: They’ve got 63,000 to choose from and they’re all legit, like the ASPCA, which just earned $16,800 from clicks alone.

Founded by siblings Ken and JJ Ramberg, who must have earned some serious karmic cred by now, GoodSearch has a partner in GoodShop, an online shopping mall that—you guessed it!—donates a percentage of each purchase to the charity of your choice. More than 700 stores are participating, including heavy-hitters like Zappos, Sephora, Amazon and Best Buy, plus a ton of non-profits like Conservation International, the Nature Conservancy and our personal fave Healthy Child, Healthy World, which has been devoted to children’s environmental health for over 20 years.


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