WebCam from Iraq for Christmas

My favorite Christmas gift this year? Seeing my son via webcam on Christmas evening, direct from Iraq.

It's a far cry from his deployment in 2003, when the troops were so poorly supplied they sometimes had no sleeping bags, cooked their food by putting it on stone walls in the sun, and slept in burned out buildings. I don't know where my son is, but I know conditions are much better now, with offices, computers, high speed internet, and good food.

To be there to see his children's faces as they IM'ed with him, to see his face as he watched them open gifts and show each one to him, that is priceless. These kids are troupers--they didn't cry or mope because he was so far away. They talked online for several hours, laughing and hamming it up for the camera.

My son's girlfriend set it all up, don't ask me how. The kids had to wait until almost 9:30pm to open their gifts, and their Dad had to get up at 4:30 am to be online with them. But it was worth all the waiting and wondering if it was really going to work.

Being able to see him, talk online with him and see the happiness of his children--the best Christmas ever.

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