WebMD: Allergy App for your phone?!?!

Amazing! An allergy app for your phone? Way to go WebMD mobile.

Things that it can do?

  1. Once you get up in the morning, prepare your day with an "allergy forecast" made just for you. It also comes with tips from physicians!
  2. Provides a measure for your latest allergy levels depending where you are located? Wow! Great to have if you are traveling just to keep up with the times...
  3. WebMD will provide you with the best tips to deal with the particular allergies that you are faced with on a daily basis.
  4. This app also will give you a variety of articles, videos and slideshows where you can learn the different allergies that there are like outdoor, skin, drug, food and more...
  5. An ability to customize your alerts so you can best manage your day. 

Great news for all you allergy sufferers -- hopefully, this will lighten your allergy load.
Learn more by going to: WebMD.