Weddings. Why the hell do we have to plan them ourselves? What, am I a master at planning a big party where everyone will see me marry the love of my life & they expect to have good food after. Puhlease. I grew up waiting for my wedding day & now that I'm here planning it, it's nothing but stressful!

Food Minimums. Who the hell eats for $17,000? The crazy thing, that is the minimum. You can over that. If you know someone that does, please let me know. I am inviting 100 people to my wedding and at 17,000... That means for each person to have a plate and a refillable drink, it's $170. I have never spent that much for a dinner. Not even for a weeks worth of dinners at home.

What are we, rich? Last time I checked, I don't have $2,000 sitting around. Renting a beautiful place out requires alot of money. There's the stress!

Invitations. It's paper, with words. $100!

After heavily searching, I have found some DIY sites! I will be doing EVERYTHING myself. I'm planning a budget wedding, under $4,000. And it's going to happen. I will start a blog on what I will be spending or what I will spend to list what I have done. It will be updated, so don't expect to see some finished work tomorrow. I haven't even had my wedding yet.

- amy elaine <3



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