Wedding and Partnership Anniversaries are Important

Every couple should celebrate their anniversary of commitment to each other.  Why?  Because you made a vow to be together for life, honor and cherish one another.  Each year you have with your loved one is special; making it a memorable occasion is a way of showing the never ending love you enjoy.

We met and fell in love many miles from our home land.  My partner and I were both alone in a foreign country, yet destiny brought us together.  The courtship only three weeks and we had decided to take the lifelong step of commitment to each other for the rest of our lives.  No bells and whistles, no big plans, wedding dresses, cakes, family and friends.  Our engagement day February 29th, Leap Year, our marriage at a tiny Chapel in Las Vegas, the honeymoon in the hotel Circus, Circus…and then back to work!

 Each year is special but we make the Leap Year anniversary even more special.  A trip to a different place or country is made and a Church or Chapel chosen to renew our vows of love.   We have visited seven different countries and created incredible memories on Leap year.  The anniversaries in between Leap year are likewise treated as very special.  It was thirty years recently and we decided on a trip to Rome.  Here are a few memories we made on this trip.

Rome, Italy

30 Years of Marriage - What an Anniversary Experience!
The Wedding Cake

  The Best way to see Rome in the rain - Segway Tour

So much History, So many Relics

Vatican City is Beautiful

Its impossible to do Rome justice with my little pictures

You Have to Go!


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