Neil Patrick Harris & David Burka: The (Next) Wedding of the Century!

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Last week, like me, if you follow the greatness that is Neal Patrick Harris on twitter, you probably saw this little ditty go out just as the 'ol NY senate was passing the now historical bill to legalize gay marriage in the Empire State.

I'd sure love to get married. Please, NY Senate, vote in favor of marriage equality today. My family would really appreciate it.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

My favorite Surviving Child Star, Doogie himself, is engaged (and has been in anticipation of this momentous time) to his long time partner David Burka but will finally be married, according to twitter, and all kinds of other reliable sources.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that all people of New York will now be able to marry the person they love.

Congratulations Neil. Congratulations David. Congratulations to Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, their two children {via surrogate} who will now get to see their parents married.

Could David look more in love in this photo? Man,I wish they were my best friends.

Image Courtesy of ZumaPress

And now they, and the many couples like them who have been waiting to celebrate and legalize their love in the way so many of us straight couples take for granted, are free to go forth and plan their nuptials, wisely contributing to the NY state economy.

Oh, California...I'm still so ashamed.

So - are you as excited for this wedding as I am?! Or should I not be even opening this can of worms on the entertainment page.


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