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Last week I invited my lady friends to be in our wedding and they've all accepted.
We have also found our officiant, who is one of my dear friends.
I'm so excited to have these things in place and to know I'll have all of my favorite ladies by my side on our wedding day.
While all of the big things are coming into place, I've also started work on the little details.
In a desire to feel like I'm making progress, but without having the money to start on any big stuff, I found a little leaf project to keep me busy when I need something to take my mind off all of my school work.



For $15 (yay coupons!) I'll be able to make enough little paper leaves to scatter about each and every surface we feel needs a little nature-inspired charm.
It may seem silly to start something like this with 11 months to go, but I just see it as a way to balance out my to-do lists and make sure I have time to fit in all the little DIYs I have planned.
Any ideas for other things which are good to get done ahead of time?
We really have no set schedule or any sort of plan, but rather, are just winging it at this point, so any organization tips are more than welcome.
Love and Wedding Planning,


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